Things we are trying to keep in our team

With over 11 years of experience in IT area I had chance to work with many types of persons and teams. I faced tons of challenges in organization and communication between team members, management and programmers, customers and support. Few years ago there was interview to Amazon and one of the interviewer asked me question “What was the most difficult…

How we celebrated team building

Right before 2020 New Year GPO Technologies team went for paintball game outside of our office. We worked hard during past year and some activity where we can release our bad energy was just perfect decision. Hope everyone enjoyed the game and specially dinner after. Thank you for your hard work! We are planing extend our team at least twice…


Well, friends, we apologize for our long absence, a lot of interesting events have happened in the life of our company recently. One of them is Latitude59. The event took place in the capital of Estonia, the beautiful city of Tallinn. Latitude59 is a great platform for startups, investors and management. The high level of organization providing opportunities for startups…

Angular Cli issue

Our experts have come with the list of the most useful marketing apps that will assist you anytime you are planning to analyze/evaluate your business, collect some data, compare numbers and simply review the statistics. Subscribe to receive regular updates on the matter!


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