Install and configure the panels and software for the Center for Energy Efficiency

Today, we had a happy chance to visit the Energy Efficiency Center in Rivne. We took part in the program to improve the energy efficiency of homes using Dimol electric heaters and develop our company GPO-Technologies mobile application Dimol Smart App, through which these devices are managed. Experience turned out to be quite interesting, because the Center has its own showroom, which contains all the best technologies that can save you significantly.

We started from the installation of panels.

For your understanding, we want to tell you more about our project in more detail. The developed system of Wi-fi control is a ready-made instrument of energy manager due to constant monitoring of the heating system and monitoring of electricity consumption, combining these data with the temperature of the environment, we will get the heat loss of the object in real time, which is one of the elements of energy audit and indicator of energy efficiency of the premises.

So, without conducting an integrated energy audit, the energy manager will be able to monitor the effect of the implementation of measures for the thermo-modernization of the building. Such a management system can be applied not only in municipal and office buildings, where a single employee using a computer or a laptop can control the heating of all objects of the city, but also for private houses or apartments. An Android, iOS, and web app is being developed for this.

The uniqueness of this heating system is that, there is no need to install additional controllers and the ability to use an existing Wi-Fi network at the office or at home, and the ability to easily integrate into a smart home and the overall energy monitoring system, if needed, through the use of the API.

So come back to the Energy Efficiency Center. After installing the heaters, we started configuring the software to demonstrate their work. However, everything turned out not so simple. In the room where we installed the heaters, there was a very poor connection with Wi-Fi, because the router was upstairs. Therefore, the panels, one after another, lost their connection to the network and we couldn’t register them in the Dimol Smart App. But, as soon as problems with the network had been solved, panels were immediately registered and we could fully appreciate the full functionality of the program.

What I want to say: “IT’s easy to save, the main thing is to know who to contact.” GPO-Technologies will always help you with the development of software in a short time.


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