IoT Hub – short description of the idea

Creation of an infrastructure for connecting devices from different manufacturers to a server application for control, monitoring, as well as combining interacting components into a system.

Basic scenarios

  1. IoT Hub Owner (GPO OU)
    It has full control over the system, the ability to monitor and manage all devices connected to the system, monitoring and control of users and companies.
  2. Company producing products
    It has the ability to monitor and control own devices connected to the system, interact with users who have bought products and registered in the system, view statistical data, create applications for mobile application branding and display web pages for users.
  3. Distributor
    He has the ability to monitor the operation statistics of the devices he sold, which are registered in the system.
  4. End-user
    It has the ability to monitor and manage the purchased products through the web page and mobile application, group products, receive messages from the manufacturer’s company, leave messages for the manufacturer’s company (feedback, report a breakdown, etc.), view the performance statistics of the purchased products, share access (permanent and temporary ) to a device or to a group of devices with other registered users.

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