IoT Hub. Why did we create it?

All very optimistic predictions regarding fast IoT world occupation is breaking by reality where small businesses facing lot of difficulties to connect their Offline products with Cloud based Online solution. Top of complications they met on the way are: employment (not that easy to find engineers who understand low level hardware and high abstraction of cloud based architecture and make them speak on same language), servers maintenance, mobile application development, big data collection and calculations, information security, OTA (over the air) firmware updates etc. Usually costs and required level of expertise for those so high that small and even middle enterprise companies can not afford it.

Reduce cost of IoT integration and maintenance was the key point when we developed IoT Hub – Smart IoT solution that allows rapid integration of existed equipment into IoT network which based on agnostic and easy replaceable platforms and hardwares with high scalability and best development methodologies. IoT Hub includes server and mobile apps, web admin pages and firmware libraries. It can be integrated into already existed CRMs (showing alerts, collect electricity, water, gas consumption and prepare monthly invoices, etc.), CMSs (we have WordPress plugin which displays information from IoT sensors) and other platforms which is using by customers. We provide administration office web application and mobile application with easily customizable interface that allows monitor and remote control. All of this comes as SaaS by subscription.

Short description of IoT Hub can be found on this page:

Version 1.0.0 already deployed for our customer Dimol UA can be accessible by this link: (soon will be ready success story how Dimol UA could easily switch from offline electrical heaters to accessible from mobile phone with our IoT Hub).

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