IoT Solutions

ioT Hub

GPO is developing IoT and Smart House solution to help companies integrate equipment and automate business process.
  • This application is IoT aggregator with wide customization possibilities and allow connect together devices produced by different vendors, which use different protocols and interfaces into one single system;


  • Providing interfaces for intercommunication between devices and sensors including smart algorithms for interaction;
  • Data aggregation and storing for future visualization and analyzing;


  • Fast launching IoT based system and integrate into existed services;


  • We don’t focus on one vendor but on integration all into our system;
  • We providing robust mechanisms for interaction between different devices;
  • We are very flexible for customer’s requests and providing fast solution with high quality to price ratio.
Our next steps in the project

Advanced data visualization Advanced data analyzation Samples of hardware solutions

Who can be interested in our product?

  • Companies energy safe and management
  • Companies energy suppliers
  • Companies wich environment monitoring (such as pollution, air quality, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Companies automative for farming and agriculture
  • Smart home vendors