IoT Solutions

ioT Hub

At GPO, we are working on an IoT platform designed to enable vendors to swiftly integrate their products into a unified network that allows for remote monitoring and control.
  • Our IoT aggregator application offers a highly customizable solution that enables the seamless integration of devices produced by various vendors, using different protocols and interfaces, into a single system
  • Our platform provides interfaces for intercommunication between devices and sensors, as well as smart algorithms for optimizing interaction

  • Our application also facilitates data aggregation and storage for future visualization and analysis. It’s designed for fast and easy deployment, with the ability to integrate into existing services, thereby minimizing disruption to your business operations

  • Our focus is on integrating all vendors and their devices into our system, rather than limiting ourselves to just one. We employ robust mechanisms for interaction between different devices, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our flexibility in meeting customers’ unique needs, providing fast and high-quality solutions at an excellent price-to-value ratio

Our next steps in the project

Advanced data visualization Advanced data analyzation Samples of hardware solutions

Who can be interested in our product?

  • Enterprises with multiple facilities, looking to integrate various devices and sensors into a centralized management system.
  • Smart city initiatives seeking to bring together various systems and services such as traffic, waste management, and public safety.
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies looking to optimize their operations through the integration of IoT-enabled equipment and sensors.
  • Agricultural businesses seeking to improve crop yields and efficiency through the implementation of smart farming technologies.
  • Healthcare providers looking to integrate various medical devices and sensors into a centralized monitoring system for patient care.
  • Smart home and building management companies seeking to provide a seamless and integrated experience for their customers.
  • Retail businesses looking to enhance customer experience through the integration of smart technologies, such as personalized shopping recommendations and real-time inventory tracking.