Project delivery process

Friends, today we are going to talk about the final stage of the project – the process of delivery. It is rather difficult for both for the customer and for the performer because each of them sees the project at different angles. Therefore, at this stage, you should refer to the Terms of Reference or another document, where you signed up all types of work that should be done on the project. According to that document tests will be performed.

In this article, we want to explain how the process of delivery is performed exactly in our company. Consequently, testing can be carried out on the customer side or at our office. An obligatory condition for the testing project is the presence of the customer or his authorized representative. This condition is mandatory in order to avoid such questions “Why does it work like that, and not so?”, As is often happened when the customer does not participate in the development and testing of the project. At this stage, all customer’s changes (if there are any) are added to the project and it goes to the completion stage.

During the discussion of the project, also, the period of free support is indicated. It is determined by agreement and can last from one to three months. During this period, our company monitors the implementation of the project and provides technical support in case of malfunctions.

That’s how we process the project delivery to the customer. Of course, each project is individual and is not similar to another, so there may be additional conditions, but this is all discussed with the customer at the initial stage of project work.

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