A few simple steps to help you save ENERGY and money and help you protect the climate by REDUCING EMISSIONS

Today, households produce about a quarter of all direct CO2 emissions produced in the EU. Did you know that three-quarters of the energy consumed by homes in the EU goes to heating and cooling? Heating and cooling Don’t overheat the water. Set the boiler to a maximum temperature of 60°C to make it work more efficiently. Use your thermostat wisely.…


Service Workers

In this article I would like to talk about Service Workers (SW). SW allow us to make our application offline ready so that it works even if we have no internet connection. They also allow us to use a lot of other enhanced features, like push notifications or background synchronization. SW live on even after you close the browser, that…


CentOS 8 open ports in firewall

Часто наші клієнти мають власні сервери, на яких встановлені різні ОС, і іноді виникають певні складнощі з налаштуванням та встановленням веб-додатків. Щоб вести записи про проблеми, з якими ми зустрілися, я опублікую в блозі короткий опис та рішення. Сьогодні ми отримали сервер з CentOS 8 на платі, після встановлення всього програмного забезпечення кілька портів були закриті брандмауером. У цьому випадку…

Smart consumption

There are lot of cheap energy sources but it also important to consume energy in smart way and reduce wasting it. One of our product help with smart heating of your house. Check Oleg Dimol page and their website https://dimol.ua/products/panels/dimol-smart to switch your heating system on smart rails. This short video is simple advertisement, first step in opening EU market…

Our first PWA

Our first PWA – Dimol Smart application for efficient energy consumption management, provides rich set of tools to collect statistic, monitoring and remote control electrical heaters in your home, office, hotel or even multiple places. This PWA is part of IoT system Dimol Smart, currently in production and can be used by anyone. Dimol Smart was developed based on IoT…


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