Things we are trying to keep in our team

With over 11 years of experience in IT area I had chance to work with many types of persons and teams. I faced tons of challenges in organization and communication between team members, management and programmers, customers and support.

Few years ago there was interview to Amazon and one of the interviewer asked me question “What was the most difficult task in your previous company?”. “Team motivation” – I answered. The problem of motivation is still complicated for me because no increasing salary, no interesting tasks can not keep the team motivated for long time and people get burned out.

This is why in our company we trying to show importance of each single person and make them understand how their efforts move entire project toward the goal.

We make decision democratically, everyone can propose something and then we vote. Very seldom decision is taking only by one person, usually it should be at least discussed with rest of the team.

This relates to technical questions as well, for example choose TimestampDB or InfluxDB, migrate from Ionic 3 to Ionic 5 or stay with Ionic 3, etc. Of course there some limitation applied by deadlines, customer’s technology stack or our experience but we always keep eyes widely opened and ready to obtain new knowledges.

We have one interesting rule, if someone write an article related to the work area it’ll make a bonus to his/her salary. (Until now nobody used it yet but I have big hope than in near future it’ll happen)

What we don’t do is we don’t push people believe that company is their family, family is at home and here we come to work and make great things together, so we are team. I’ve been in teams where managers tried to make everyone think they are family but I never seen it works as they expected, usually this small lie become huge problem of trust to the company.

The main goal of company as I see is to make people be proud of the product they made. Its very difficult to find such projects. Each application we released was designed and developed with approach of reducing consumed energy, so we really like to use best suitable algorithms and methods.

We still have to learn a lot and still far away from perfect (I expect we’ll never reach it) but We are making small steps each day to make this World better!

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